What does it mean when a book is on reserve?


What are Course Reserves?

Course reserves are collections of course-related resources selected by instructors to be set aside from general circulation for student use. Reserves are meant to allow instructors/faculty members to make high demand materials available to as many students as possible.

To ensure equitable access to material, reserve items are loaned for shorter period than general circulation items.  Course Reserves are usually loanable for 3 hours for in-library use, unless stated otherwise. Course Reserves must be returned on time and to the library/desk where you borrowed it.

When searching Omni, if you select Advanced Search, you will see the option to search within Course Reserves at the top of the search interface.

Enter the Course Code, e.g., SOSC3121, or the Professor's last name.  You can also type in the title of a particular book in the search box to search for an item.

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  • Answered By Betty Irving